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Interested in learning more about aquaponics, how to grow your own food or start your own farm or farm business? The 3-day Aquaponics Farming Course is taught by current aquaponic farmers on their farm and covers all the topics that are important for success. Each day consists of not only classroom instruction, but also hands on activities to help you learn what it's like working with aquaponics on a farm everyday. The course 

The topics covered in each course include:

  • Aquaponics Basics and Systems Overview
  • How to Build your Own System
  • Plants: Growing from Seed to Harvest
  • Fish: What Species and How Many
  • Managing your System and Operations
  • How to Access Local Markets
  • Setting Up a Business Basics
  • Keeping Everyone Safe with Rules  and Regulations

Space is limited!


Alpacas, Chickens, and Goats-Oh My!

More than just aquaponics on the farm

You won't just learn about aquaponics when you visit our farm.  It is also home to some very friendly animals who love to welcome visitors. This spring the farm welcomed 20 new kids. they're so cute! and currently we are awaiting the arrival of baby alpacas, due anytime.